Development Updates

This page has been included to help keep teachers informed of the developers' current progress revising this curriculum.

The 2016-2017 version of the site will remain relatively static throughout the school year. There may be minor changes (such as correcting typos, editing images, or teacher guide updates) but no major unit restructuring. For example in August, we marked a number of labs and pages as optional, but they have not been removed from the curriculum so as to maintain consistency for teachers familiar with these labs.

For 2017-2018 there will be a new version that will be made available sometime in the summer of 2017.

Please use the blue feedback button to offer feedback. Suggestions encouraged!

Note: If you are looking for old content, there are three older versions of this curriculum available: Sept 2015 (Sept 2015 TG), Aug 2016 (Aug 2016 TG), and Jan 2017 (Jan 2017 TG).