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Listed below are current and past courses.

CS10 is the undergraduate Beauty and Joy of Computing course at U.C. Berkeley, and will generally reflect newer content with which we are experimenting in class (on our poor students!). Some of these materials may be advanced, fast paced, and/or unpolished. More info about the CS10 course is available at cs10.berkeley.edu.

The main page for the Beauty and Joy of Computing Project is at http://bjc.berkeley.edu.

This repository is developed and maintained using Github. You can also use Github to work on your own version of the materials and/or contribute back to the course! If you would like to submit feedback, bug reports, or ask questions, you can use the issue tracker at github.com/beautyjoy/bjc-r/issues. We welcome your input!

Additionally, we are undertaking a major four-year project that will revamp these BJC materials and course(s) from the ground up. Check it out here.