Getting Started

Creating a Snap! account will allow you to save the programs you write to the cloud.

  1. Open snap using this URL:, and bookmark it so you can access it easily.
  2. In snap, you will save your work to the cloud. According to, cloud storage is "saving data to an off-site storage system maintained by a third party. Instead of storing information to your computer's hard drive or other local storage device, you save it to a remote database. The Internet provides the connection between your computer and the database."
  3. Click the cloud menu, Cloud button, in the tool-bar:
    cloud icon
  4. Select the "sign up" option in the menu, and follow the instructions.
    signing up for the cloud
  5. Check your email to get your initial password.
  6. You may change your password at any time via the cloud menu, Cloud button.
  7. Return to snap, and enter your user name together with the password you receive to log in.
  8. Select "Change Password..." from the cloud menu, and change your password to something easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

Logging in to Your snap Account

You'll want to be logged in whenever you are coding.

  1. Click the Cloud menu in the tool-bar:
    cloud icon
  2. If it says "logout" and then your user name, you don't have to do anything; you are already logged in. (If it says someone else's user name, log out and then log in with your own user name) Otherwise, choose "login..." and enter your user name and password.
  3. Log out (from the Cloud menu) when you are done.