Bug Dance Animation

bug standing
  1. Load this snap project. (Or, this is the same thing without the big sound file). We've made some starter custom blocks for you, in the "Looks" palette.
  2. Edit them to see what we've done.
  3. We've included a few examples of how to put them together for a dance. Try them out.
  4. Make custom blocks to do complicated steps, or to repeat sets of steps in ways that you'll do over and over.
  5. Add inputs to your custom blocks to change your steps in interesting ways.
  6. We've included several costumes in the project that you should use in new steps—look at how we used the costumes in the custom blocks we already created.
  7. This project uses some blocks that you have not experimented with before. It also uses a new idea, the idea that you can change the look of a sprite by changing its costume. At the top of the Scripting Area are three tabs: Scripts, Costumes, and Sounds. You can click on these to see what they have.
    MF: build more detailed instructions for the following step (and the previous). Also, encourage them to make their own sprites by scanning drawings or photographing themselves in different positions.
  8. You could import your own sounds or costumes if you would like. Go to the "Sounds" tab above the scripting area and drag a sound from your computer.
  9. "U1-Bug-Dance"Save your work as U1L2-Bug-Dance
  10. Talk with Another Pair
  11. After you and your pair programmer have worked out some ideas of your own, look at what other programmers have done and chat. If you see something nice, spend some time trying to incorporate that design into your program.