Making a Kaleidoscope

Here is a drawing program to explore. The main part of it is:

The hat shaped blocks, which can be used only at the top of a script, tell when to run that script.
Kaleidoscope Script
  1. Click on the link above to open the template code.
  2. You've used part of this script before and know what it does. The new part is when space key pressed. Experiment to see what that does.
  3. Now, while you are moving your mouse over the stage, use the d, u, and c keys to control what gets drawn. Can you get the sprite to write your name?
  4. Now you get to invent a script on your own to make a (kind of) kaleidoscope, like this:
    One sprite is following the mouse. Three other sprites are reflecting the movement of that sprite in slightly different ways.
    Kaleidoscope Activity
    Some useful information:
    • You need four sprites. One way to create the others is to duplicate the one you have. Right-click the sprite-button in the sprite corral, and select "duplicate" from the context menu that appears. Each duplicated sprite will have the same scripts as the original, which is why duplication is easier than creating new sprites from scratch.
    • Click on any sprite in the corral to see its script. They will all be the same at first but you will modify three of them to change the color and create the reflections.
    • To change the color, click the color input in that sprite's Set Pen to Color X Block block, choose whatever color you like, and then click on the block itself (to run the block and actually set the color).
    • To change how they move, you will need to modify the x and y inputs in each sprite's go to x: () y: () block using () + () or () - ().
  5. "U2-Kaleidoscope"Save your work as U2-Kaleidoscope