Robots and Humans

On this page, you will research and discuss interactions between robots and humans.

  1. Do one or more of these activities and share your findings:
    1. Research different ways that robots are modeled after animals (especially non-human ones) and what the robots are used for. Discuss your own innovative ideas for designs or uses for robotic animals.
    2. Many robots are being developed to be used to respond to disasters, such as to search for and rescue people or to clean up radioactive sites. Research recent developments and continuing challenges in this area of robotics.
    3. Robots have also changed the field of medicine. Research some of these innovations and consider how the technology is changing lives.
    4. The use of industrial robots has eliminated some jobs for people, especially in car factories. Research recent developments about automation.
photo of Marina Bers

Marina Bers is known for her work on computational thinking, technology, and tools for children to learn computer programming. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Buenos Aires University in Argentina, she went on to earn a PhD from the MIT Media Laboratory in 2001, was a professor at Tufts University for 21 years and joined Boston College in 2022.

Dr. Bers co-developed ScratchJr, an app which teaches programming to children as young as age 5. Dr. Bers is also a co-founder of KinderLab Robotics, where she developed KIBO, a robot that young children can program with wooden blocks. Check out ScratchJr and Kobo.

Image provided for publication with permission from Marina Bers