Computing in the News

CITN additions – allow some discussion; don’t cut off a strong and engaged discussion

Find appropriate news articles to share with your class. Choose a mix of news stories—some which show the promise of technology and others which expose negative aspects.

This is meant to be a quick, daily activity; read just the headline and the first paragraph or two. Part of the goal is to impress upon students that every day things are happening about social implications of computing. So it's important not to let the news stories turn into long classroom discussions. The social implication lab topics are the place for those.

You should pick the stories for the first week or so. Each day, try to find a story about something beneficial or exciting that computers are doing and another story about something problematic that computers are doing (or, more precisely, that people are doing with computers). After the first week, assign the task of picking stories to students in rotation.

News Sources:

Here are some sample articles teachers shared during our field test: