Lab 3: Modern Art with Polygons

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the TG has to make the plan more explicit: Paul's brilliant invention of pinwheel was to get around the whole exterior-angle problem by making the turning angle visible on the stage. Once kids understand the turning angle, /then/ you draw polygons as a limiting case of pinwheels. [Teachers should not, but may be inclined to, adapt by] starting with polygons and /then/ doing pinwheels. [This] totally misses the point of pinwheels. --MF, 1/8/19 (Adaptation of BH email)
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pen down; repeat (4) {move (50) steps; turn clockwise (90) degrees}

In this lab, students use a sprite not as a character in an animation, but to draw pictures on the stage, using turtle graphics. They also have the opportunity to mimic the work of famous artists.


The 7 lab pages could be split across 3–6 days (120–240 minutes). Expected times to complete follow:

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