Programming Project

Review the following ideas for projects, and select one to build. Or design one of your own ideas!

  1. Bug Dance Animation
    bug standing
  2. Kaleidoscope Visual Effects
    Kaleidoscope Project
  3. Country Quiz
    Country quiz
  4. Pong is a classic video game from 1972.
    Pong Video Game
    Pong game
  5. The Ferris Wheel project depends on nesting sprites, a little feature we'd have to teach them...
  6. The Ferris Wheel project requires nesting sprites.
    Ferris Wheel Animation
    Ferris Wheel animation
  7. Breakout is a classic video game from 1976.
    Breakout Video Game
    Breakout game
  8. These videos are designed for Scratch, not Snap!, but the two are similar enough that you can develop one of these games using Snap!:
      Scratch is like Snap! for elementary school, but these games are cool.
    1. Maze Game
      Maze game
    2. Asteroids Game
      Asteroids game